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Recipients:  Virtual Classroom Award 2000

The Virtual Classroom Award recognizes innovative websites  designed for philosophy courses that use the internet interactively as a teaching tool.  

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Virtual Classroom Award

David Kahane

University of Alberta  

This virtual classroom provides weekly online discussion of reading questions, to extend the opportunity for philosophical dialogue beyond limited class time, and to those with different learning styles. It provides detailed information and advice about course components, gives e-mail access to Profs, TAs, and other students, allows anonymous and non-anonymous feedback on the course, and is integrally related to the course reader and lecture materials (in graphic presentation, content, and suggested uses.)

Site Includes:

bulletCourse Calendar
bulletContact Information
bulletOffice Hours
bulletDiscussion Group
bulletWriter's Forum
bulletExternal Resources


David Mericle

Site Created by David Mericle
Team 26026 

This is an educational web site on the environment with over 800 pages, 400 original articles, and many interactive features and options for using the site in the classroom for environmental philosophy.

The Classroom Connection is a feature that allows Teachers and Students to create accounts in a database. Students will be able to select their teacher when they are signing up.

As students begin to use the site, teachers will have the ability to monitor student progress and see how students do on tests. There are a variety of other options for both students and teachers, but these features are only available if you create an account.

This feature can be used by classes in schools to learn about the environment.  Any teacher and their class of students can create accounts easily and quickly so that they can use the functions of the Classroom Connection.

Site Includes:

bulletContact Information
bulletDiscussion Group
bulletExternal Links


Andrew Carpenter

Philosophy Department
Antioch College  

The centerpiece is the web discussion board. Also notable are the "instant searches" (using Hippias) of course authors and concepts.  This teaching design is currently configured for both African Philosophy and History of Western Philosophy

The newest feature is RealAudio streaming audio summaries of class discussions. These are useful for exam review, when students miss classes, when students are confused about a class, or when students are mystified about what to write about. 

Site features:

bulletCourse Calendar
bulletContact Information
bulletOffice Hours
bulletDiscussion Group
bulletWriter's Forum
bulletAudio Summaries

James R. Elkins

Professor of Law
West Virginia University  

The web-site offers an extensive selection of reading and writing exercises designed to provoke reflection and introspective by law students.

Site Includes:

bulletCourse Biography 
bulletCourse Tutorial 
bulletCourse Information
bulletMaking Ourselves the Subject of Study
bulletCourse Reading & Writing Exercises
bulletSchedule of Readings
bulletCourse Evaluation
bulletWeb Resources
bulletEthical Rules
bulletZealous Advocacy
bulletInstructor's Writings on Ethics


September, 1999

Tom Bridges

Philosophy and Religion Department
Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ 

This excellent, intuitively designed teaching site is currently configured for two courses (Introduction to Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophers).  

Site features:

bulletCourse Pages -- announcements, syllabi, weekly course updates, required texts, supplementary readings, bibliographies, links to Web sites, etc.
bulletWriting Guidelines -- writing formats, writing samples, Frequently Asked Questions about writing philosophy
bulletCourse Descriptions
bulletVirtual Office
bulletResearch Links


 Our Awards:

ne plus ultraThe ne plus ultra Award gives recognition to superlative gateway sites that focus upon a particular subject or figure. 

original contribution awardThe Original Contribution Award gives recognition to interesting and innovative contributions to the Philosophy Research Base. 

virtual classroom awardThe Virtual Classroom Award gives recognition to websites specifically designed for interactive classroom education.

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