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Recipients:  Virtual Classroom Award 2001

The Virtual Classroom Award recognizes innovative websites  designed for philosophy courses that use the internet interactively as a teaching tool.  

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Virtual Classroom Award

Pathways to Philosophy 

Geoffrey Klempner

A distance learning course based at the Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield, run in association with the Philosophical Society of England. The site includes extracts from the six Pathways programs, a study guide, introductory book list, examples of students' work, and selections from an archive of correspondence with Pathways students. Visitors can submit problems on the 'Ask a Philosopher' page.

Since 1995, over 200 students from 30 countries world wide have enrolled on the Pathways programs.

Launched in August 1997, the Pathways web site has risen to become the number one distance learning site on the World Wide Web dedicated to philosophy.

Pathways is a no frills web site, easy to navigate and packed with information about studying philosophy. If you have nothing urgent to do right now, why not spend some time with us?

Pathways offers a range of six mind expanding philosophy programs under the guidance of an academic mentor. The programs are self-contained, designed to be intellectually challenging while remaining accessible to students who have no prior knowledge of philosophy. Our aim is to illuminate and provoke, to challenge preconceived ideas, and make you see things differently.

Each Pathways program is written as an original contribution to philosophy, aimed at capturing the interest of students of all ranges of ability from absolute beginners to graduates. At whatever level you are able to engage with the study materials, you will find a lively and sympathetic response from your mentor.


Learning-Park Virtual School 

Dr. Charles B. Winborne

This innovative site is a virtual classroom, a teacher's dream. As a tool, Learning Park's Virtual School and Virtual Classrooms are ideal compliments to public, private, and home school. 

A Learning-Park "Course" is a well-developed, systematic line of study, similar to (but often less extensive than) a high school or college course. Course descriptions include an approximate number of hours required for mastery. Courses should include opportunities for interaction and self-testing. All courses should be linked to 6 other World Wide Web learning resources; and, some of these links MUST connect to alternative perspectives and interpretations of the courses' subject matter.

Courses are not generally associated with human teachers.


 Our Awards:

ne plus ultraThe ne plus ultra Award gives recognition to superlative gateway sites that focus upon a particular subject or figure. 

original contribution awardThe Original Contribution Award gives recognition to interesting and innovative contributions to the Philosophy Research Base. 

virtual classroom awardThe Virtual Classroom Award gives recognition to websites specifically designed for interactive classroom education.

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