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Criteria:  Virtual Classroom 

The Virtual Classroom Award is for teachers.  It is designed to highlight innovative websites that bring internet resources into the philosophy classroom. We are looking for sites that serve as an interactive tool for extending the educational process beyond the traditional academic environment.

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Award Sites!  Level 4.5 Select Award


Topical Focus

Is the content of your site relevant to the subject or subjects of your courses?  Are the various elements of your site connected?  Do they form distinctive themes?  When students visit your site, are the instructions clear on what they need to do? If your site covers more than one course, can students find their way to relevant sections?  Are the primary elements of your topics well emphasized and easy to find? 


Depth of Coverage

Does your site include the basic information for the course, such as the syllabus, course guidelines, writing guidelines, contact information, office hours, course updates, etc.?  Does it introduce the topic, then move into greater depth? Does your site provide more than adequate resources for students  who are already familiar with the topic of your course?  Does your site offer available resources that go beyond what is covered in the classroom, such as links, book suggestions and bibliographies?



Is your site interactive?  Does it offer students the chance for expression and feedback?  Is your email address readily available?  Does your site include interactive features such as a discussion group or graffiti wall? Does your site invite students to continue their learning outside the walls of the classroom?   



Does your site work?  Do the pages load quickly?  Are there broken links?  Are your pages compatible with the major, most popular browsers?  If you have browser specific elements in your HTML, do you have alternative routes for other browsers?  Do the scripts and forms work properly?


Design & Creativity

The Site needs to be well organized, intuitive and easy to navigate.  Can visitors always find their way back to the home page, table of contents, or site index?  Must visitors continuously search for the navigational system?  Must they scroll down to find their way?  Is there consistency between the different pages?

The site should be reasonably pleasing to the eye and easy to read.  Will your visitors want to come back again? Do your background images interfere with the text?

The site should download quickly.  Do your pages generally take more than 60 seconds to load at 28.8?

All the graphics should be working and related to the content of your website.  Do they reside on your own server?  Did you make most of them yourself? (of course there are exceptions)

There should be a minimum of hindrances to research.  Do any of your fancy Java scripts get in the way of research?   Do the dynamic features relate to the content of your site?  

Grammar and spelling should be immaculate!  


If you believe your web site satisfies the above conditions, please submit your site for review:


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