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Erratic Impact's Philosophy Awards Program is recognized as One Of The Best on the Internet by Awards Sites! 

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Terms and Conditions

Ultimately, all original graphics, including the award graphics and the "ei" logo are property of Erratic Impact, Inc., copyright 1999,2000.  All Rights Reserved.  Erratic Impact, Inc. grants permission to use these graphics solely for the purpose of the awards program.  Design remains the property of Erratic Impact, Inc.  Alterations of the award and or logo graphics are not allowed, except for resizing purposes to fit the contours of recipient's web design.  If alterations by users produces effects deemed unsuitable by Erratic Impact, Inc., we reserve the right to request changes, and / or revoke user privileges.  

If the nominee receives either award, the recipient will be contacted through email by Erratic Impact, Inc. and the recipient will be invited to display the appropriate award.  Erratic Impact, Inc. will then list the URL(s) in the appropriate Awards Directory as well as either the Subject Index or the Names index, according to which award the nominee receives.  

If the recipient decides to display the award graphic, it  is to be downloaded and transferred to the webmaster's server. 

Reciprocal links are not necessary, but highly appreciated.

Erratic Impact, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw permission for use of the award graphics at any time without being obliged to supply a reason.  If conditions arise warranting revocation of the award, Erratic Impact, Inc. reserves the right to do so.  If conditions arise that warrant removal of the awards directory, any pages with the Philosophy Research Base, or the entire web site, Erratic Impact, Inc. reserves the right to do so.  Criteria for the awards can change at any time.  The Award Program can end at any time.  By using the award graphic, you agree to the terms and conditions for usage.

If you have any questions please e-mail: 


 Our Awards:

ne plus ultraThe ne plus ultra Award gives recognition to superlative gateway sites that focus upon a particular subject or figure. 

virtual classroom awardThe Original Contribution Award gives recognition to interesting and innovative contributions to the Philosophy Research Base. 

original contribution awardThe Virtual Classroom Award gives recognition to websites specifically designed for interactive classroom education.

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