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Criteria:  Original Contribution

The Original Contribution Award is bestowed upon articles within sites that represent interesting and innovative contributions to the Philosophy Research Base by the authors and owners of the websites themselves.  That is, your work must reside on your own website to qualify. You may nominate a single article or a series of articles on a single subject (including books and dissertations). 

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Award Sites!  Level 4.5 Select Award


Authorship & intended audience

This award gives philosophers a chance for recognition.  Do you have original material?  Are you the author?   Does your work reside on your own website?  Do you feel that your work would add something original and interesting to the Philosophy Research Base? 

Prose essays for Nomination must meet general academic standards, including the APA guidelines for inclusive gender.  

You may enter a single article or a series of articles on a single subject. 



The structure of your essay should be clear and concise.  If applicable, historical or "accepted" views of your thesis should be covered, your agreements and / or objections explained, as well as the objections of your readers anticipated.   


Standards of Evidence

Like any scholarly paper, your submitted texts should be thoroughly documented, using general academic standards of evidence.  Any of the major style books are acceptable for citations, quotations and footnotes.  Primary and secondary sources should be listed, or at least available upon request.  No Plagiarism!  



Your work MUST be published to your website.  We do not accept essays sent through email, nor do we publish your essays on our server.  If you work qualifies for the award, you will be featured on the Philosophy Research Base with links back to your site.

Does your site work?  Do the pages load quickly?  Are there broken links?  Are your pages compatible with the major, most popular browsers?  If you have browser specific elements in your HTML, do you have alternative routes for other browsers? Do the scripts and forms work properly?


Design & Creativity

The Site needs to be well organized, intuitive and easy to navigate.  Can visitors always find their way back to the home page, table of contents, or site index?  Must visitors continuously search for the navigational system?  Must they scroll down to find their way?  Is there consistency between the different pages?

The site should be reasonably pleasing to the eye and easy to read.  Will your visitors want to come back again? Do your background images interfere with the text?

The site should download quickly.  Do your pages generally take more than 60 seconds to load at 28.8?

All the graphics should be working and related to the content of your website.  Do they reside on your own server?  Did you make most of them yourself? (of course there are exceptions)

There should be a minimum of hindrances to research.  Do any of your fancy Java scripts get in the way of research?   Do the dynamic features relate to the content of your site?  

Grammar and spelling should be immaculate!  

Passwords to the content of your site should not be required.


The awards review process can take up to an entire semester.  Due to the high volume of submissions, only those granted the award will be contacted.


If you believe your work satisfies the above conditions, please submit your URL for review:


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