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Recipients:  ne plus ultra

The ne plus ultra Award was designed to highlight exceptional websites that focus upon a particular subject or figure within the field of philosophy, or a unique and valuable service for students and teachers doing research in philosophy. 

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ne plus ultra philosophy awards

Michael Oakeshott Association

An association devoted to the promotion and critical discussion of the work of British philosopher Michael Oakeshott (1901 - 1990)


Spinoza Net   

The Spinoza Net is dedicated to furthering research, knowledge and discussion about the works, reception and contributions of Baruch Spinoza.   The Spinoza Net endeavors to present the works of Spinoza and the scholarship surrounding him in an informative and entertaining framework and environment.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit to the site.  We ask that you provide us with feedback  and when possible suggestions or contribution of content.

As part of our effort to promote research and understanding of Spinoza and the reception of his ideas, provides online copies of his "Ethics", "On the Improvement of Human Understanding" and the "Theological and Political Treatise". 

The Research Center provides links to reference materials, encyclopedia references and Internet links to Spinoza related information.

News and Events provides up-to-date developments in the Spinozist scholarly community.  Here you will find newsletters, calls for papers, etc.


Spark Online

Kristopher Krug, Editor-in-Chief

We have undergone a digital revolution.  How are the media, technology, and the wired world fundamentally changing who we are, and how we interact...?

“The clash of ideas brings forth the spark of truth” —Aboriginal proverb  

In every issue of *spark-online we apply this principle to our idea that the new world of high technology has not only created a new "e-society"—it has created a new understanding of self. We call this new understanding of self, "electronic consciousness." Technology hasn’t changed only our societies—it has fundamentally changed us. *spark-online is at the vanguard of recognising, and attempting to understand this change...


American Philosophical Practitioners Association

Lou Marinoff, APPA President

The APPA is a non-profit educational corporation that encourages
philosophical awareness and advocates leading the examined life.
Philosophy can be practiced through client counseling, group
facilitation, organizational consulting or educational programming.
APPA members apply philosophical systems, insights and methods to
the management of human problems and the amelioration of human


 Our Awards:

ne plus ultraThe ne plus ultra Award gives recognition to superlative gateway sites that focus upon a particular subject or figure. 

original contribution awardThe Original Contribution Award gives recognition to interesting and innovative contributions to the Philosophy Research Base. 

virtual classroom awardThe Virtual Classroom Award gives recognition to websites specifically designed for interactive classroom education.

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