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Recipients:  ne plus ultra

The ne plus ultra Award was designed to highlight exceptional websites that focus upon a particular subject or figure within the field of philosophy, or a unique and valuable service for students and teachers doing research in philosophy.

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ne plus ultra philosophy awards

December, 1999

The Consciousness in the Natural World Project

Created and Maintained by the Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling.

Director: Dr Jose Luis Bermudez 
Research Assistant: Fiona Macpherson 

The Consciousness in the Natural World project, based in the Philosophy Department at the University of Stirling, aims to bring together philosophers from the Scottish Universities and beyond to allow concerted and collective progress to be made on one of the central problems in the philosophy of mind - the problem of explaining the place of conscious psychological life within the natural world. 

The site includes details of the project, previous and forthcoming conferences, papers by members and guests of the project, a bibliography on self-deception and links. 

Site Includes:

bulletDetailed programme statement
bulletDetails of forthcoming conferences, colloquia and visiting speakers
bulletDetails of previous colloquia
bulletSelected contributing guest papers
bulletSelected project member's papers and work
bulletSelected project member's book reviews
bulletInformation on a special edition of Philosophical Explorations on the personal/subpersonal distinction, to be published in January 2000, edited by Jose Luis Bermudez and Matthew Elton
bulletSelf-Deception Bibliography
bulletDetails of the Stirling locality, local accommodation and tourist information
bulletUseful links


American Political Thought on the Web

Created and Maintained by Hugh Singerline

This website offers a gathering of online resources that are chosen for their relevance to those who study American political thought and then are arranged according to categories.  

Site Includes:

bulletIndividual Authors
bulletClasses and Syllabi
bulletOther Political Thought
bulletGovernment Sources


Philosophical Toys

Created and Maintained by Peter Gibbins.

Computing will be to philosophy in the twenty-first century what logic has been to philosophy in the twentieth-century. The site demonstrates philosophical applets written in Java.

Site Includes:

bulletTomassi's Classical Logic
bulletLemmon-style Classical and Quantum Logic
bulletThe Game of Life
bulletThe Game of Fuzzy Life
bulletThe Spatialized Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
bulletThe Fuzzy Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
bulletA Generic Algorithm

Link ikonMaintained by  Jesper Johansen. is the philosophical domain for all students and employees of the Danish universities.

Site Includes:

bulletForskning i DK


October - November, 1999

Feminist Utopia

Created and Maintained by Colleen McEneany.

This rich and entertaining website features feminism and gender equality resources and information with original content and fun areas.

Site includes:

bulletFun Stuff
bullet Interact
bulletImportant Sites
bullet Links
bulletOther Features


The Counseling Zone

Site maintained by Jeffrey T. Guterman, Ph.D. (Director)

The Counseling Zone is an award winning network for mental health professionals, counselors, registered or certified clinicians in mental health or related fields, and graduate students enrolled in related fields. Since 1996, The Counseling Zone has been serving the professional mental health community with a distinctive online network. 

Here are some of our features: 

bullet Many interactive features, including message boards, chat discussions, and videoconferencing 
bulletCZONE, a stimulating listserv mailing list about issues and trends in mental health (optional) 
bullet The latest news and developments in The Counseling Zone via a monthly newsletter 
bullet Free Webpage to qualified members 


Bakhtin Centre Home Page


Maintained by University of Sheffield.  The premier site for information about Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle. In addition to comprehensive information about the research activities of the University of Sheffield's Bakhtin Centre, including the Analytical Database of Work by and about the Bakhtin Circle, the site offers guidance to Bakhtin-related research the world over.  

Site Includes:

bulletGeneral Information
bulletCore Projects


Leibnizian resources

Created and Maintained by Markku Roinila

This excellent resource page, created and Maintained by Markku Roinila is dedicated to G. W. Leibniz , and it is Roinila's aim to collect all available web-resources into this single page in order to help to find Leibniz-material more easily and to provide a space for Leibniz-studies, both Roinila's and others.  This page is updated regularly and the content is growing.


Search for Terrestrial Intelligence

Created and Maintained by Panos Parissis

This website is dedicated to the promotion of Humanistic Principles.  STI is about ideas that evolved into books, or the other way around. It promotes moral and social development based on scientific knowledge, reason, compassion, individual liberty and responsibility, instead of dogmatic beliefs and doctrines. 


Gay and Lesbian Politics:
WWW and Internet Resources 

Created and Maintained by Steve Sanders.

A selective, annotated guide to the best and most authoritative resources on politics, law, and public policy. Designed for students, scholars, journalists, activists, and citizens, and maintained by Steve Sanders, Indiana University.  


Internationale Virtual Library -- Sektion: Deutsche Datenquellen -- Philosophie

Created and Maintained by Dieter Köhler.

An in-depth index of German philosophy sites.


September, 1999

Philosophy News Service

Created and Maintained by Richard Jones.  

This unique and helpful website features the latest philosophy news and announcements from around the world, including monthly updates regarding the most recent and important developments in philosophy. It also features a searchable listing of jobs, calls for papers, and other resources and opportunities for philosophers and philosophy students. 

This site is no longer active.


The Meister Eckhart Site

Created and Maintained by George Valsamis.

Works on and by Meister Eckhart.

Site Includes:

bulletOn-line Resources


Filosofia in Italia

Created and Maintained by Davide Fasolo.  

Philosophy in Italy is a meta-index of the Italian philosophical resources on the world wide web. 

Filosofia in Italia č un progetto (nato nella primavera del 1995) che si propone di creare uno spazio su Internet dedicato alla ricerca filosofica e alla discussione delle sue tematiche in lingua italiana. Per la discussione filosofica č stato creato un gruppo di discussione usenet alla gerarchia it. dei newsgroup, il gruppo si chiama it.cultura.filosofia e due CHAT (IRC e WEBCHAT), in questi luoghi virtuali gli studiosi di filosofia possono dialogare a distanza e scambiare le loro idee. Per la ricerca il nostro sito mette in rete il maggior numero possibile di documenti e testi di interesse filosofico in lingua italiana, corredati dalle bibliografie dei filosofi pił celebri.


Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language Ultimate Homepage

Created and Maintained by John Humphrey.  

This site is an electronic companion to Saul Kripke's classic book, Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. Here you will find Humphrey's own thoughts and reflections on Kripke's book, brief introductions to some of the key sections and notions of Kripke's text, bibliographies of books and articles on Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language, review information of selected books, suggestions for further work on the book, links to papers and relevant sites, and more.


August, 1999

Readings in Modern Philosophy

Created and Maintained by J. Carl Mickelsen.

This site contains many primary and secondary sources on 35 modern philosophers, beginning with Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) through Friedrich Schelling  (1775-1854).  Mickelsen has taken a straight forward approach to presenting this material which makes this site extremely easy to use.  

Mickelsen is also in the process of posting the modern philosophy section of Alfred Weber's History of Philosophy.

Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition

Created and Maintained by Nigel J. T. Thomas.  A gateway resource site for the philosophical, scientific, and historical study of imagination and mental imagery, and their role in consciousness and cognition. 

This site specifically covers imagination and mental imagery approached from serious scientific, philosophical or historical perspectives.


JoyZine & The Adventures of Zoe

Joy Williams, editor of JoyZine, has created an interesting site with a focus upon Australia.  Joy receives this award for her work on promoting an awareness of Australian Aboriginal Women's Issues.  

The Women's Issues area of JoyZine also contains excerpts from feminist writings and memoirs, among other subjects. 

bulletAustralian Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends
bulletWomen's Issues


Philosophy Since the Enlightenment

Roger Jones has taught philosophy at the Working Men's College, Camden, London, England for over 10 years.

Clearly written and coherently presented, Philosophy Since the Enlightenment offers an accessible overview of the last 350 years of Western philosophy. 


Course Materials in Philosophy by Andrew Carpenter

Andrew Carpenter, an assistant professor of Philosophy at Antioch College, is the editor of Course Materials in Philosophy, which  contains systematic links to syllabi and other course material published on the web by philosophy instructors.  This site is a vital resource for teachers wishing to network their teaching strategies, as well as for students looking for research topics.  


July, 1999

Human Nature by Robert M. Young and Ian Pitchford

Robert M. Young and Ian Pitchford designed this site to host writings and debate and to draw attention to recent work in the broad area of human nature and to facilitate communication between people in disciplines where there are barriers to cross-disciplinary work.

Human Nature is a very broad topic, drawing on all sorts of philosophical, clinical and scientific disciplines, as well as literature and the broad culture. This site is designed as a place where disciplines can be brought into contact and cross-fertilization facilitated. It also hosts a significant number of highly-regarded books and essays, as well as guides to other resources and links to email forums. 


William James by Frank Pajares 

Frank Pajares has created an excellent portal for research on the work of American psychologist and philosopher William James.  This site is fitting for those looking to find an introduction to James' work as well as those interested in more in-depth study.


Swami Krishnananda by Swami Krishnananda

Swami Krishnananda has created a beautiful site containing 23 books on meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, eastern and western philosophy, mysticism, metaphysics, Hindu scriptural texts and cosmological poetry. These books have transformed thousands of people all over the world, and are otherwise available only at selected bookshops or from the publisher.


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