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Original Contribution


Virtual Classroom

Erratic Impact's Philosophy Awards Program is recognized as One Of The Best on the Internet by Awards Sites! 

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Award Sites!  Level 4.5 Select Award

The Philosophy Research Base offers three awards for philosophy.  

Superlative Sites:

bulletThe ne plus ultra Award gives recognition to the best of the best philosophy sites the world wide web has to offer.   We are looking for gateway sites that provide an in-depth resource for a particular subject or figure within the field of philosophy, or unique and valuable service for philosophy research.

Original Work:

bulletThe Original Contribution Award highlights authors who contribute interesting and innovative work to the Philosophy Research Base.  This award is reserved for authors who present their own material (essays, dissertations, etc.) as e-texts on their own websites via the world wide web.  This award is reserved for single essays or a series of essays (e.g. book, dissertation) on a single subject.

Interactive Classrooms:

bulletThe Virtual Classroom Award is for teachers.  It is designed to highlight innovative websites that bring internet resources into the philosophy classroom. We are looking for sites that serve as an interactive tool for extending the educational process beyond the traditional academic environment.

Note:  Sites with Pop-up Advertisements (Geocities, Anglefire, etc.) will not be considered.

Before submitting your nomination, please follow these links to more detailed descriptions of the requirements:

bullet ne plus ultra  
bullet Original Contribution  
bulletVirtual Classroom

If you would like information on the current panel of reviewers, or if you have any questions about the review process, please contact:

The philosophy behind this award is simple. We want to promote your work. 

The internet is expanding at an incredible rate. It has been estimated that there are now more web pages on the world  wide web than there are people on the planet Earth. If this is an exaggeration, it is nevertheless true that finding high quality sites is becoming more and more difficult. At the time of this writing,  a single search engine, such as Altavista brings up nearly 4 million listings for the keyword: philosophy! And it is estimated that below 20% of all websites are indexed by the major search engines. Not only this, but as you probably know,  pages that make it to the top of search engine lists are not necessarily top quality sites. Often, top search engine listings reflect  meta-tag strategies, rather than actual content.

The Philosophy Research Base, itself, now has more than 1000  pages of listings, and as the index grows, the same difficulty begins to manifest itself. The awards are designed to counter the problem of sheer volume by highlighting quality in the midst of quantity. In other words, we want to make research in  philosophy as enjoyable and rewarding as possible by directing our visitors to the best work in the field within our index.  We also want to promote new and established writers who have published their work to the world wide web. And we want to promote the interactive presence of educational websites in the traditional classroom environment.  Please support these efforts and nominate your work.  Help make the PRB the best philosophy resource index on the planet!

Some benefits recipients will receive:

bullet We will list the award winning site in the PRB Awards Directory so visitors will recognize the distinctive design and character of the work.  The awards directory is accessible from almost anywhere within the PRB.
bulletOriginal Contribution Award recipients will have their names included in the Names Index of the PRB
bulletThe subject of the recipient's work will be included in the Subjects Index of the PRB (all three awards, if applicable).
bulletThe recipient's work will be featured in the PRB Newsletter.  
bulletWithin the general subject pages of the PRB, an indication of having received the award will accompany the description of the recipient's work.
bullet This focus should increase traffic to the recipient's home on the web (as of August, 2000, the PRB is receiving, on the average, 2700 unique visitors per day).

If your work receives an award, we will contact you by email, and your site will be entitled to display the appropriate award on its pages.  Due to a high volume of applicants, we only notify those who receive an award.  The review process usually takes about four months.  Neither displaying the award, nor providing a reciprocal link is necessary for receiving the award.

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