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Jainism the world of conquerors by Natubhai Shah

Jainism : The World of Conquerors
by Natubhai Shah


Bhagavad Gita (both Sanskrit and English)

Bhagavad Gita
by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Indian Philosophy

bulletIndian Philosophy Texts 
bulletIndian Religious Texts 
bulletJainism Texts
bulletBhagavad Gita
bulletRig Veda
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An Autobiography : The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mahadev Desai (Translator), Mahatma Gandhi
Sanskrit Documents
Available Sanskrit documents are- Veda, Upanishads, Gita, Stotra, yoga and philosophy. All can be downloaded. Online Sanskrit dictionary with complete copy available to download also.  

Site Includes:

bulletIndology & Sanskrit
bulletBhagavad Gita
bulletScriptures & Stotras
bulletGeneral Sanskrit
bulletAudio of Stotras
bulletBooks & Courses


Journal of Indian Philosophy
Publishes articles on various aspects of Indian philosophy and thought, Browse the table of contents, and view a free sample copy.

India is the home of Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality. Every age, she provides the world with her armies of spiritual masters. She uses every means to reach the people of various parts of the world to enlighten them to the grand avenues of a meaningful life. The world wide web is no exception. There are several sites which give very in-depth information of the various concepts and various schools of Indian Religion.

Site Includes:

bulletGeneral Information
bulletEssays on Hinduism
bulletReligious Texts
bulletTraditional Schools
bulletModern Schools
bulletOther Religions


Indian Philosophy Before the Greeks
Originally given as a lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, this paper covers the history and development of Indian philosophy.


If Indian philosophy is studied in British Universities, it is rarely the philosophy department that offers it. (There are honorable exceptions!) A particularly unfortunate consequence of this is that the study of Ancient Philosophy generally focuses exclusively on the history of Greek Philosophy and leaves aside the more ancient history of Indian and the equally ancient history of Chinese philosophy, let alone the more controverted issues surrounding the existence of philosophical thought in ancient Egypt....



Indian Philosophy is ancient. It has a wide variety of schools and teachers, from atheistic materialists to mystical devotees, from stern logicians to speculative metaphysicians.

The Sanskrit word darshana means view or viewpoint. It is the normal Sanskrit word for what in English we call philosophy. Indian philosophy has an aim : liberation, freedom from deluded views, mental illusions and delusions, confused ideal, fuddled thinking. It is a deep spiritual therapy.


Muktinath Foundation International

Information and Charity Namaste. This site has been set up to create an international publication platform about the Hindu and Buddhist place of pilgrimage Muktinath, on the Annapurna route in Nepal. By offering Muktinath-related content online, we hope to draw visitors to our site who feel connected to this special place and who want to support our goals. 


Find articles, a bibliography, and quotes related to this Indian philosophy and faith. Includes an introduction to Jain rituals and education.


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