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Berlin Circle

Texts:  Carl G. Hempel
Texts:  David Hilbert
Texts:  Richard Von Mises
Texts:  Hans Reichenbach
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 Probability, Statistics and Truth  by Richard von Mises
coverPhilosophic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics by Hans Reichenbach, Hans Hans Reichenbach

Reichenbach's book is a classic text, the first (I think) to focus on the philosophical aspects of quantum mechanics. Since it was written around the time that quantum mechanics was born, it does not deal with modern discussion on the subject. Reichenbach does solid work, however, and this is a valuable resource for anyone interested in these issues.

The book has three sections. The first is an overview of his conclusions and the implications of quantum mechanics. This section is lucid and relatively non-technical, it should be intelligible to anyone. The second section is an in-depth technical introduction to the formalism of quantum mechanics. Anyone, if determined enough, could get through this part, though it's pretty hairy going for those without a formal background in physics or mathematics. In the last section, he reaches his conclusions and introduces a system of logic to deal with the truth value of propositions about quantum mechanics. -- Chris Meacham


Berlin Circle

From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


Group of philosophers and scientists who gathered round Hans Reichenbach in late 1920s. Among its members were H. Reichenbach, K. Grelling, C. G. Hempel, D. Hilbert, R. von Mises. Berlin Circle -- its name was Die Gesellschaft für empirische Philosophie (Society for empirical philosophy) -- joined up with the Vienna Circle; together they published the journal Erkenntnis edit by R. Carnap and H. Reichenbach, and organized several congresses on scientific philosophy, the first of which held in Prague in 1929....


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