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 The American Conservation Movement : John Muir and His Legacy

The American Conservation Movement: John Muir and His Legacy
by Stephen R. Fox


John Muir : His Life and Letters and Other Writings

John Muir : His Life and Letters and Other Writings
by John Muir

John Muir  1838 - 1914

bulletTexts:  John Muir
bulletThe John Muir Library
bulletUsed Books:  John Muir
bulletTexts:  Environmental Ethics
bulletKnow of a Resource?



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America's Wilderness : The Photographs of Ansel Adams With the Writings of John Muir by Ansel Adams

Evolution of the Conservation Movement

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement documents the historical formation and cultural foundations of the movement to conserve and protect America's natural heritage. The collection consists of 60 books and pamphlets, 140 Federal statutes and Congressional resolutions, 34 additional legislative documents, excerpts from the Congressional Globe and the Congressional Record, 360 Presidential proclamations, 170 prints and photographs, 2 historic manuscripts, and a two-part motion picture. Production of this collection is being supported by a generous gift from Laurance S. and Mary French Rockefeller.


John Muir Education Listserv

The John Muir Education Listserv is an e-mail discussion list for John Muir fans, educators, and researchers. Anyone, whether or not a Sierra Club member, may join this mailing list to learn and share about John Muir, and programs of the John Muir Education Project.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to [copy and paste into your e-mail]


with a one-line command in the message body saying [Substitute your first and last name where indicated]:



Sierra Club Fact Sheet

Short biography


Real Audio Biography

This is an interesting little biography that plays like an npr piece, but you need to have Real Audio installed on your computer.  [information about Real Audio sound format]


The Sierra Club Website

The international environmental organization founded by John Muir


John Muir Birthplace Website

The web site about John Muir and his birthplace of Dunbar, Scotland. Here you'll find details of the Fund-Raising Appeal to purchase the house where Muir was born.


Canadian Friends of John Muir

On the left bank of the Bighead River just 4 km upstream from the town of Meaford are the remains of Trout Hollow Mill. Now overgrown with cedars and one hundred and thirty years of humus accumulation, it is barely visible. Yet, to the trained eye, the walls of the mill, the tailrace, and the earthen dam are evident. The location of John Muir’s workplace in Meaford (1864-1866) has been found.


John Muir Center

The general aims of the JMC project are to:
bulletpromote a greater appreciation of John Muir as the Scottish pioneer of nature conservation;
bulletspread the global conservation philosophy of John Muir's love of wild land to a local, national and international audience;
bulletestablish a physical center in Muir's birthplace of Dunbar to further the above aims.


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