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American Constitution:  Its Origin and Development

American Constitution : Its Origin and Development
by Alfred Hinsey Kelly


American Myth of Religious Freedom

The American Myth of Religious Freedom
by Kenneth R. Craycraft


People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

A People's History of the United States:  1492 to the Present
by Howard Zinn

The Framers 

bulletTexts:  Founding Fathers
bulletTexts:  U. S. Constitution
bulletTexts:  American Politics
bulletTexts:  Political Philosophy
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The Founding Fathers
Benjamin Franklin
bulletAutobiography - 1771-1788
bulletPoor Richard's Almanac - 1733 (Gopher)
bulletPoor Richard's Almanac - 1734 (Gopher)
bulletPoor Richard's Almanac - 1735 (Gopher)
bulletPoor Richard Improved - 1754  (Gopher)


Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man
"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing."   America has never forgotten Benjamin Franklin because he did both. He lived these words of wisdom by writing as much as he possibly could and by doing even more. He became famous for being a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. Today, we honor Ben Franklin as one of our Founding Fathers and as one of America's greatest citizens. Although he was born in Boston, the city of Philadelphia is remembered as the home of Ben Franklin. In Philadelphia, you can find both Ben's gravesite and the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. You'll also find the Franklin Institute Science Museum.  


Alexander Hamilton
bulletThe Federalist Papers


Thomas Jefferson
bulletThe Rights of British America (Gopher)
bulletDeclaration of Independence
bulletDeclaration of Independence - Rough Draft


Thomas Paine
bulletAge of Reason - 1794 (Gopher)
bulletThe American Crisis - 1780 (Gopher)
bulletCommon Sense - 1776 (Gopher)
bulletThe Rights of Man - 1792 (Gopher)


John Adams
bulletOrations (1839)


Biographies of the Founding Fathers
The following biographical sketches of America's founding fathers are taken from the 1829 book, Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence, by the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich. Some editing has been done including an effort to modernize the spelling.  

Site includes:

bulletJohn Hancock
bulletSamuel Adams
bulletJohn Adams
bulletRobert Treat Paine
bulletElbridge Gerry
New Hampshire
bulletJosiah Bartlett
bulletWilliam Whipple
bulletMatthew Thornton
Rhode Island
bulletStephen Hopkins
bulletWilliam Ellery
bulletRoger Sherman
bulletSamuel Huntington
bulletWilliam Williams
bulletOliver Wolcott
New York
bulletWilliam Floyd
bulletPhilip Livingston
bulletFrancis Lewis
bulletLewis Morris
New Jersey
bulletRichard Stockton
bulletJohn Witherspoon
bulletFrancis Hopkinson
bulletJohn Hart
bulletAbraham Clark
bulletRobert Morris
bulletBenjamin Rush
bulletBenjamin Franklin
bulletJohn Morton
bulletGeorge Clymer
bulletJames Smith
bulletGeorge Taylor
bulletJames Wilson
bulletGeorge Ross
bulletCaesar Rodney
bulletGeorge Read
bulletThomas M' Kean
bulletSamuel Chase
bulletWilliam Paca
bulletThomas Stone
bulletCharles Carrol
bulletGeorge Wythe
bulletRichard Henry Lee
bulletThomas Jefferson
bulletBenjamin Harrison
bulletThomas Nelson, Jr.
bulletFrancis Lightfoot Lee
bulletCarter Braxton
North Carolina
bulletWilliam Hooper
bulletJoseph Hewes
bulletJohn Penn
South Carolina
bulletEdward Rutledge
bulletThomas Heyward
bulletThomas Lynch
bulletArthur Middleton
bulletButton Gwinnett
bulletLyman Hall
bulletGeorge Walton


The Patriot
A very "patriotic" site, with "God Bless America" playing in the background, but with lots of information.


Free Market Net:  American Founding Fathers and Freedom in History
Free-Market.Net is the world's most comprehensive source for information on liberty; we aim to provide you with links to the breadth and depth of pro-freedom resources. For an overview of how American Founding Fathers and Freedom in History fits into the free-market philosophy, visit Libertarian.Org.  


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