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American Building:  Environmental Forces that Shape It

American Building: Environmental Forces That Shape It
by James Marston Fitch


 The Divided Self of William James

The Divided Self of William James
by Richard M. Gale

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ne plus ultra award recipientAmerican Political Thought on the Web
Created and Maintained by Hugh Singerline

This website offers a gathering of online resources that are chosen for their relevance to those who study American political thought and then are arranged according to categories.  

Site Includes:

bulletIndividual Authors
bulletClasses and Syllabi
bulletOther Political Thought
bulletGovernment Sources


The Archaeological Institute of America

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) has been dedicated to the encouragement and support of archaeological research and publication and to the protection of the world's cultural heritage for more than a century. A non-profit cultural and educational organization chartered by the U.S. Congress, it is the oldest and largest archaeological organization in North America, with more than 11,000 members around the world. 


The Association of American Geographers

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is a scientific and educational society founded in 1904. Its 7,000 members share interests in the theory, methods, and practice of geography, which they cultivate through the AAG's Annual Meeting, two scholarly journals (the Annals of the Association of American Geographers and The Professional Geographer), the monthly AAG Newsletter, and the activities of its nine Regional Divisions and 49 Specialty Groups. The AAG conducts educational and research projects that further its interests and programs.


The Modern Language Association of America

The Modern Language Association of America is a not-for-profit membership organization that promotes the study and teaching of language and literature. MLA members have worked together for over a century to encourage high standards for teaching and scholarship in the field. The MLA publishes books and journals for teachers, students, and researchers; arranges an annual convention where members share their scholarship and teaching experiences with colleagues; assists job seekers and hiring departments through the Job Information Service; develops MLA style, a set of recommendations on documentation and the mechanics of writing; and sponsors committees that oversee association activities and respond to ongoing and special issues affecting the field, the humanities, and higher education.


The Organization of American Historians

Programs, Activities and Special Events; Advocacy, Annual Meetings, Awards and Prizes, Lectureship, Outreach, Residency Programs, etc.  Publications and Services  The Journal, OAH Newsletter, OAH Magazine of History,  advertising information, and position papers  Professional Opportunities in American History  Employment listings, grants, fellowships, and job resources  Web Sites for the History Profession.


Society for Cinema Studies

Founded in 1959, the Society for Cinema Studies is a professional organization composed of college and university educators, filmmakers, historians, critics, scholars, and others concerned with the study of the moving image. The Society's goals are to promote all areas of media studies within universities and two-and four-year colleges; to encourage and reward excellence in scholarship and writing; to facilitate and improve the teaching of media studies as disciplines; to advance multi-cultural awareness and interaction; to serve its members' professional needs and concerns; to strengthen the ties between the academic community and those who interact with it, from the media industry to the government to the public at large; and to promote the preservation of our film, television, and video heritage. 


Society for the History of Technology

Scheduled Meetings, Honors, Awards, etc. Fellowships & Grants, Committees, Education Projects, Other Activities


The Society of Architectural Historians

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) and its members invite the support and active participation of all who share our interest in architecture--past, present, and future. Founded in 1940, the Society encourages scholarly research in the field and promotes the preservation of significant architectural monuments that are an integral part of our worldwide historical and cultural heritage.


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