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Studies in Classic American Literature by D. H. Lawrence

Studies in Classic American Literature by D. H. Lawrence

Adorno and 'a Writing of the Ruins' : Essays on Modern Aesthetics and Anglo-American Literature and Culture

Adorno and 'a Writing of the Ruins' : Essays on Modern Aesthetics and Anglo-American Literature and Culture
by James Martin Harding

American Literature

bulletAmerican Literature
bulletAmerican Philosophy  

This an archived page of resources on American Literature, the Philosophy of Literature and related fields. Many Broken links to old pages or defunct sites have been removed.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
American Writers

American Authors on the Web

This site is a frequently updated index of other sites devoted to American writers, nineteenth-century and otherwise.

All Alcott: The Louisa May Alcott Web

An extensive and well-organized site created by technical writer and Louisa May Alcott fan Tara Calishain. Take advantage of the site map which includes descriptions of each page. Students: check out the Internet citation tips on the "Citation & Source Page."


Louisa May Alcott

A no-frills, biographical and bibliographical site about the author of Little Women.

The John Burroughs Association

This site, created by the John Burroughs Association (which is headquartered at the American Museum of Natural History), profiles the activities and projects of the Association and the life of naturalist and writer John Burroughs (1837-1921), whose own cabin near the Hudson River, "Slabsides," became a meeting place for writers, inventors, and environmentalists.

DAS: Kate Chopin

Part of the "Documenting the American South" (DAS) database at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries, this page contains a short biography of Chopin from the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, with links back to the DAS digital texts of The Awakening, Bayou Folk, and A Night in Acadie.

Stephen Crane: Man, Myth, & Legend

Resources from the University of Texas on the most important American writer of naturalism.

Emily Dickinson

A useful site about the poet, her life and times, with links to over 400 poems available in electronic text form.


The Emily Dickinson International Society

The Society creates a forum for scholarship on Dickinson and her relation to the tradition of American poetry and women's literature.


Dickinson Electronic Archives

A Web site devoted to the study of Emily Dickinson and her writing practices. Founded at the first Emily Dickinson International Society Convention in 1992, the Dickinson Editing Collective believes that the poet did publish her work, by "distributing it in her letters and in the manuscript books she made and left for posterity." The Dickinson Electronic Archives plans to reproduce the poet's work through electronic means, rather than through print translations, "which erase most of her visual poetics."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Much information on the author of The Scarlet Letter. Check out Hawthorne's description of a dinner visit by Thoreau in 1842.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Site contains biographical information and a collection of online poetry.

Life and Works of Herman Melville

Lots of useful information and many links; frequently updated.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society
of Baltimore

The EAPSB was officially established in 1923 but traces its roots back to 1865 through four earlier organizations. The Society is a clearing house for information about Poe's life and work.


A Poe Webliography: Edgar Allan Poe on the Internet

This site by Heyward Ehrlich at Rutgers University describes itself as "a critical guide to electronic resources for Poe research on the World Wide Web and CD-ROM, including electronic texts, commentaries, backgrounds, literary indexes, and search engines." The most comprehensive of several Poe Web sites.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811-1898

This site, part of the "Celebration of Women Writers," has biographical information and other links.

Ever the Twain Shall Meet

An excellent collection of Mark Twain links.

The Mark Twain Papers and Project,
The Bancroft Library

The Archive, located at Berkeley, contains originals or photocopies of almost every surviving document in Twain's hand, as well as a vast collection of collateral material. The Archive is home to the Mark Twain Papers and Project, which is producing a comprehensive scholarly edition of Twain's private papers and published works.

Walt Whitman Collection, Library of Congress

Information about Whitman and the Whitman manuscript notebooks collected in the Library of Congress.


Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive

A hypermedia environment for studying the works of Walt Whitman, where you will find a database of digitized images of Whitman's works in original, documentary form.

Credits:   Elizabeth Witherell and Louisa Dennis, University of California, Santa Barbara Library

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