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Counselling Skills for Teachers

Counselling Skills for Teachers
by Gail King


Philosophy Practice : An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy

Philosophy Practice : An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy by Shlomit C. Schuster

Philosophy Counseling 

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The Consolations of Philosophy

Philosophical Counseling : Theory and Practice, by Peter B. Raabe, Ph.D. Philosophical Counseling : Theory and Practice, by Peter B. Raabe, Ph.D.  

Philosophical Counseling is an easy to read but scholarly book that discusses what philosophical counseling is all about.  The theoretical sections are clearly written and accessible, and are supported by many examples and case studies.

The theoretical chapters include discussions of worldview interpretation, phenomenology, hermeneutics, Socratic dialogue, a critique of the "beyond-method method", and philosophy as a way of life, as well as the similarities and differences between philosophical counseling and psychotherapy. 

The practical chapters include a new model for philosophical counseling, and discussions of various important issues such as the preventive / proactive element in philosophy, the relationship of the emotions to philosophy, feminism in philosophical counseling, the problems with attempting to diagnose, the question of professional neutrality, and the limits of philosophical counseling.  

Case studies and examples include a single session with a young woman whose fiancée criticizes her for being too proud, a long-term counseling relationship with a mother whose attempt to create the perfect family has failed, a group of men who are trying to improve their lives, and a group of children struggling with questions about death. 

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American Society for Philosophy Counseling and Psychotherapy

Founded in 1992, the American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy (ASPCP) promotes the philosophical examination of the theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy and of philosophy as a private practice profession. It hosts annual program sessions at each of the divisional meetings of the American Philosophical Association, holding its national business meeting with the APA Eastern Division.


A Philosophical Counseling Web Site

Peter B. Raabe, Ph.D.

Peter Raabe is the first Canadian and one of very few people internationally to be awarded a doctorate based on a dissertation about philosophical counseling.

From "What is Philosophical Counseling"

Simply put, philosophical counseling consists of a trained philosopher helping an individual deal with a problem or an issue that is of concern to that individual. Philosophical counselors know that the majority of people are quite capable of resolving most of their problems on a day-to-day basis either by themselves or with the help of significant others. It is when problems become too complex -- as, for example, when values seem to conflict, when facts appear contradictory, when reasoning about a problem becomes trapped within a circle, or when life seems unexpectedly meaningless -- that a trained philosopher can be of greater help than the average friend or family member...

Books by Peter B. Raabe:

Philosophical Counseling : Theory and Practice, Praeger Pub, November, 2000


The Philosophical Counseling Web Site

This is a gateway to the history, bibliography, professional societies, international press reviews, articles, quotes, conferences, workshops and lectures, and more, on the new profession "Philosophical Counseling" on a global scale.


Postmodern Therapies News

Lois Shawver

Postmodern Therapies News.  This site reports on the philosophical discussions of therapists, philosophers, and social scientists who are influenced by postmodernism.

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