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Hans-Georg Gadamer  1900 - 2002

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Truth and Method by Hans-Georg GadamerTruth and Method by Hans-Georg Gadamer, Joel C. Weinsheimer (Editor), Donald G. Marshall (Editor). 

A newly revised edition of the classic work of philosophy and criticism. Incorporates numerous corrections.

“No one interested in hermeneutics and historical understanding can justify neglecting Wahrheit und Methode. Gadamer not only reinterprets the history of modern hermeneutics, but he offers his own phenomenology of understanding.... His is our century’s most creative and ambitious attempt to exorcise the demon of historicism.”—Journal of the American Academy of Religion

“The most ambitious theoretical justification of knowledge in the human sciences to appear in recent years. The book’s impact as a thoroughgoing discussion of modern historicism has already been felt in the disciplines of aesthetics, law, theology, and philosophy.”—Choice

“The single most important study of the origin, development, and nature of the concept and meaning of ‘hermeneutical consciousness’ extant.”—Review of Metaphysics..  

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Hans-Georg Gadamer

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Hans-Georg Gadamer, born Feb. 11, 1900 in Breslau, Germany, is considered to have made this century's most important contribution to hermeneutics through his major work, Wahrheit und Methode (Truth and Method). His system of philosophical hermeneutics is a response, through an exploration of historicity and language, to Wilhelm Dilthey and Edmund Husserl...


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