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Sigmund Freud  1856-1939

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 Archive Fever : A Freudian Impression (Religion and Postmodernism)
Freud and Beyond:  A History of Modern Psychoanalytic ThoughtFreud and Beyond : A History of Modern Psychoanalytic Thought by Stephen A. Mitchell, Margaret J. Black (Contributor).

Mitchell's review of the lasting importance and revolutionary impact of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytical theories struck a deep cord within me. Informative, lucid and surprisingly well-paced, this history of the modern journey into the mind emerged as an abbreviated form of clinical therapy for the curious, yet, perhaps psychologically unsuspecting reader. I came out of this book feeling that I had spent years lying on a couch in Vienna. As an introduction into an intimidating and vast field, "Freud and Beyond" gently guides its student into an appreciative approach to psychoanalysis and its profound impact on modern thought... -- anonymous review  

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Essays on Sigmund Freud

Resource for research papers and reports analyzing the theories of Sigmund Freud.


The Freud Web

Maintained by Brown University. 

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Cultural Context

Theory of the Mind




The Freud Museum

An exhibition jointly organized by the Sigmund Freud-Museum Vienna, the Freud Museum London and the Kunsthistorisches Museums Vienna 
November 18th 1998 - 17th February 1999
Sigmund Freud Museum
Vienna IX, Berggasse 19



Sigmund Freud:  Biography

Biography by Peter Landry at blupete.com.


Freud was big on hypnosis, but it eventually took a second seat to another of his ideas, that of "free association." Freud placed much emphasis on infantile sexuality and emphasized that many of our problems in later life come from our relationships with our parents, the so-called Oedipus complex.2 The symptoms of neurosis, according to Freud, "are essentially substitute gratifications for unfulfilled sexual wishes." From Freud's teachings sprang a whole industry; which has milked, and continues to milk, most all of western society; as a sizable portion of the population goes about psychoanalyzing their fellows. This intrusive Freudian exercise, I might add, is carried out, mainly, at the expense of the hard working portion of the population who would hardly think they have any need for psychoanalysis themselves; nor, if they knew something of the subject, would they consider that anyone else needs it either, and certainly not at their expense.3 Some4 disagreed with Freud and his central emphasis on sexuality, but basically most practitioners of psychiatry today would agree with fundamental Freudian principles. Freud's work effected a profound revolution in man's attitude towards, and comprehension of, his mental processes, constituting after Copernicus and Darwin, a third blow to man's self-esteem.


The Freud Archives

This collection of links points to Internet resources related to Sigmund Freud and his works. Included in this collection are libraries, museums, and biographical materials, as well as materials in the Brill Library archives.    

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Freud's Texts on the Internet

Listed on the Freud Archives Page:   Freud Texts on the Internet While most of Freud's work remains under copyright, certain early (and unfortunately, inferior) translations of Freud's work are in the public domain. Psychweb has placed the most important of these on their site. 

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Writings on Freud

The following are links to writings of interest on Freud, including some general biographical and bibliographic information as well as work of more concentrated merit.


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