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Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of Transfiguration

Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of Transfiguration
by Tracy B. Strong


Being and Nothingness : A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology

Being and Nothingness : A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology
by Jean-Paul Sartre, Hazel E. Barnes (Translator)




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Circulating Being : From Embodiment to Incorporation Circulating Being : From Embodiment to Incorporation (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy, No. 7) by Thomas W. Busch

Existentialism has come to be identified as a critical, reactionary way of thinking, celebrating the individual, freedom, embodiment, and the limits of rationality and systematic theorizing. For the most part this assessment is true of the early and, by now, "classical" works of existentialism, those that first burst upon the philosophical and cultural scene. Circulating Being centers on the later works of several well-known French existentialists (Camus, Marcel, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty) to trace out the development of their existential thinking about language, communicative life, ethics, and politics. This development "from embodiment to incorporation" carries existentialism beyond identification with the mere reactionary and reveals how, while prefiguring postmodernism in important ways, the existential thinkers dealt with here reveal themselves to be reconstructive of the Western tradition. This is apparent in the growing appreciation of difference in their late works along with a reluctance to surrender the ideal of unity, and in their reappropriation of truth and justice while repudiating a totalizing metaphysics.

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The Realm of Existentialism

This is a beautiful website.


SPEP:  Society for Phenomenology and Existentialism

SPEP is the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, a professional organization devoted to supporting philosophy inspired by Continental European traditions. SPEP is also actively committed to philosophical pluralism.  It has become the second largest American philosophical society and accommodates such traditions as critical theory, existentialism, feminism, German Idealism, hermeneutics, post-structuralism and phenomenology.


Mythos & Logos

Maintained by Brent Dean Robbins.  Mythos & Logos is dedicated to the exploration of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology and literature, as well as the broader spectrum of continental philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, perennial philosophy, and much more. Site features many on-line essays and a comprehensive list of links.  


Continental Philosophy Review

An International Philosophical Review (formerly: Man and World)


The Cry:  Existentialism

ne plus ultra award recipient

Existentialism: a cry towards the absurd. philosophy, art and poetry, related to this movement, discussion board, chat, free email.  Site has sections on various existentialists. 



The Circulation Desk

Site has sections on various existentialists. 




Interesting page about existential despair.


Ron Turner's Existentialism page

Offers a summary of existentialist thought by focusing on its major themes.


Existential Psychology

Page giving a brief description of existential psychology.


Zarathustra's Hammer

A page devoted to the study of all philosophy, but with a focus on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Includes Links, Essays, and a book store. 


Working Minds

Original Contribution Award

By G.E. Nordell

This series of books presents an innovative and very practical Philosophy of Empowerment based partly on the ideas of Ayn Rand [Objectivism], Albert Camus [Existentialism], Eric Berne [Transactional Analysis], Carlos Castaneda, a little quantum physics and many other ideas... plus a host of original thought.  


Other Existentialists or philosophers associated with Existentialism featured on this website


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