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Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770 - 1831)

Go BackGerman Philosopher, Proto-Phenomenologist of Spirit
HegelThe Cambridge Companion to Hegel (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy) by Frederick C. Beiser (Editor).  

Few thinkers are more controversial in the history of philosophy than Hegel, dismissed as a charlatan and obscurantist as well as praised as one of modern philosophy's greatest thinkers. Special attention is devoted to interpretation problems in this compilation of his work.

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel:  Biography
Online biography by Peter Landry at


To come to Hegel's philosophy one starts with Kant and proceeds through Fichte and Schelling. Hegal departed from the Fichte-Schelling "Ego-nonEgo" analysis by stating that it was reason that should take over, not your reason or not my reason, but the World Reason, Universal Consciousness; an Absolute. This Absolute while it governs the individual (the Ego) and all the world around the individual (the nonEgo), it is, nonetheless part of, or synonymous with, Reason (Ego) and Reality (nonEgo). This, in my short study, is the best I can make of Hegel, and if these statements are confusing to you, - you have company: "Hegelian terminology is cumbersome and defies analysis, except on its own terms."


The Hegel Society of America
By Andrew R. Hill.  This site includes information about the Hegel Society of America, advertisements for Hegel related conferences, information about the Owl of Minverva (our Hegel journal) and links to other Hegel related sites.


Hegel by HyperText:
Readings of Hegel's Logic
This site, maintained by Andy Blunden,  is devoted to Hegel's Logic, and includes an onsite search engine. 


G. W. F. Hegel
Essay by Kelly Ross.


Few philosophers have had a more baleful influence on modern philosophy and politics than Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. In The Open Society and Its Enemies, Volume II, Hegel and Marx [Princeton, 1971], Karl Popper considers the depths of nonsense that issued from Hegel's pen...


Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

Page Maintained by Andy Blunden.

Site includes:

Analytical Table of Contents
Abstract Right
I: Property
II: Contract
III: Wrong
Ethical Life
I: The Family
II: Civil Society
III: The State
Internal constitution
Foreign relations

Marx's 1843 Critique of the Philosophy of Right
Marx 'On Jewish Question'
Marx's 1844 Introduction


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