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Kierkegaard's Socratic Art
by Benjamin Daise

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The organizations, societies and journals below cover 19th century philosophers and topics. Some resources may be archived.

International Kierkegaard Newsletter

A word from Julia Watkin (the history, purpose and the goals)...

The thought of S├śREN KIERKEGAARD (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1813-1855) has been an inspiration to people all over the world. One of the influential thinkers of our time, he realised how important it was for knowledge to relate to one's personal existence.

Today he is read by people of widely-differing outlooks all over the world, and from all walks of life. His name is to be found in connection with subjects such as psychology, religion, drama and computer studies, to name but a few.

INTERNATIONAL KIERKEGAARD INFORMATION has its roots in a single A4 sheet of paper typed on a manual typewriter in 1979, and back beyond that to an idea I had in 1973, that it might be possible, using the principles of Kierkegaard's thought, to draw people together internationally in cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary Socratic dialogue.


Journal of Nietzsche Studies

The Journal of Nietzsche Studies was founded in Spring 1991 and has already made its mark as a forum for innovative work by both new and established scholars.


Modern Schoolman

Founded in 1925, The Modern Schoolman is a quarterly that promotes historical research and analysis of all periods of the philosophy: ancient, medieval, Renaissance, modern, and contemporary.


Owl of Minerva

The Owl of Minerva, a biannual journal, features articles, discussions, translations, reviews, and bibliographical information pertaining to Hegel, his predecessors, contemporaries, successors, and influences today, as well as studies that use or enter into debate with a Hegelian approach to philosophical issues.


Victorian Studies

Victorian Studies, which began publication in 1956, is devoted to the study of English culture of the Victorian period. The journal, which is published four times a year, includes interdisciplinary articles on comparative literature, social and political history, and the histories of education, philosophy, fine arts, economics, law, and science and an extensive book review section in each issue. The fourth issue of every volume includes an annual bibliography of noteworthy publications that have a bearing on the Victorian period.