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NetizensNetizens : On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet by Ronda Hauben (Contributor), Michael Hauben. 

A netizen, as Ronda and Michael Hauben use the term, is more than just somebody who uses the Internet. It is somebody who has demonstrated a devotion to being a good citizen of an online community. Some have been involved in constructing parts of the Net and forming it into a major social force. Others are simply members of mailing lists and discussion groups, quietly lending a helping hand to others and sharing information, support, and aid through the wires. The Haubens tell the history of the Internet through netizens.  ...  

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Spoon is operated through the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia.  The Spoon Collective is dedicated to promoting discussion of philosophical and political issues.

List includes:

  • Anarchy-List: A Discussion of anarchy
  • Aut-Op-Sy: Autonomia, Operaismo, and Class Composition
  • Avant-Garde: Theory of the artistic avant-garde
  • Bhaskar
  • Bataille: Discussion of the work of Georges Bataille
  • Baudrillard: Discussion of the works of Jean Baudrillard
  • Blanchot: Discussion of Maurice Blanchot and others
  • Bourdieu: Discussion on the work of Pierre Bourdieu
  • Culture-State: Project on "Culture and State in Latin America"
  • Deleuze-Guattari
  • Dromology: Paul Virilio and the study of speed
  • Feyerabend: Discussion of themes related to Paul Feyerabend
  • Film-Theory: All aspects of theory of film and cinema
  • Foucault: Discussion on the philosophy of Michel Foucault
  • Frankfurt-School
  • French-Feminism
  • Habermas
  • Heidegger
  • Klossowski
  • Lyotard: Discussion of the works of Jean-Francois Lyotard
  • Method and Theory: A Discussion of method and theory
  • Nietzsche
  • PhilLitCrit: Discussion of philosophy, literature, and the critical space of their encounter.
  • Postcolonial: Discussion of postcolonial literature, film, and theory
  • Postcolonial-Info: Exchange of info pertaining to work in postcolonial theory
  • Puptcrit: Discussion of all aspects of puppetry
  • Sa-Cyborgs
  • Surrealist
  • Technology: Philosophical aspects of technology
  • Third-World-Women:
    • Third-World-Women-Digest: 

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