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This page is concentrated with many of the most important links to philosophy directory websites on the internet.


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Writer's Companion  A Writer's Companion : A Handy Compendium of Useful but Hard-To-Find Information on History, Literature, Art, Science, Travel, Philosophy and Much More by Louis Decimus Rubin (Editor), Jerry Leath Mills, Jerry L. Mills (Editor).  

From Ancient Gods to Rock Music, A Writer's Companion contains everything a writer, editor or researcher might ever need to look up, plus a whole lot more. Created to address the unique needs of writers, it gathers in one volume a wealth of information not found in almanacs, dictionaries or encyclopedias....  

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On-line Resources on Philosophy

Marcelo Vásconez

This site contains documents (lecture notes, conference papers, chapters from books, etc.) on analytical philosophy: history and disciplines. 


The Online Books Page
A general guide to available electronic texts in many fields.


The Perseus Project
An amazing library of classical e-texts from Tufts University.


Philosophy Around the Web
By Peter J. King.  Philosophy Resources divided into 12 different categories.  

Site Includes:


Philosophy Documentation Center
The Philosophy Documentation Center is a non-profit organization that has been serving the philosophical community since 1966. Located at Bowling Green State University, the Philosophy Documentation Center has earned a reputation for excellence with the production and worldwide distribution of a variety of high-quality publications, including philosophical directories, bibliographies, scholarly journals, and instructional software for philosophers.  The Center's wide range of professional services includes subscription fulfillment, typesetting, customized mailing lists, marketing and advertising, and conference exhibits.


Philosophy on the English Server
This collection contains canonical philosophic texts and links to scholarly philosophic organizations. The English Server has other collections in addition, however, in critical theory, history, and in eighteenth century studies, which also address philosophical interests and concerns; feel free to examine those as well, if interested.


Philosophy Internet Resource Guides
An extensive list of resource guides for philosophy on the www (some of which are already listed on this page).


The Philosophy JumpStation
One stop page for an extensive list of online resources.


Philosophy Links at Knowledge Central
Maintained by Rick Kaynor.   Internet links site hand picked sites that are generally free and very little commercial content....all general audience acceptable free specific link search. 


A Philosophy Meta Site
This site by Adrian Hart Linking Virtually Everywhere to  Some of the Best Pages on the Internet, including  Philosophers, Philosophy by School, Philosophy by Period - Modern, Ancient, Oriental, Epistemology, etc. Handy Links.


The Philosopher's Net
Site created and maintained by Daniel Ronnedal.

This site offers short introductions to some famous philosophers, two message boards where you may discuss different philosophical questions, a chat-room for people interested in philosophy, links to other sites etc.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet
Maintained by Frances A. May.  This page is a gateway to subject guides and computer generated directories for Internet resources on Philosophy. Includes meta-sites; selected by a librarian with a degree in Philosophy.


Philosophy  = Thinking = Language = Grammar
This website begins with a series of quotes by philosophers on what the definition of philosophy is, and includes a growing list of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet.


Proceedings of the Friesian School:  History of Philosophy
The essays at this site range from the fully annotated and technical to more informal and discursive discussions, often written for undergraduate classes.

Site Includes:

Western Philosophy


Pomoerium:  Classic Philosophy Resources
This site has an extensive list of ancient and modern philosophy resources.


Philosophical Debates
A collection of introductory bibliographies on some of the major philosophical questions throughout history.


Philosophical Writing: An Annotated Bibliography
Prepared by Will Buschert, University of Toronto.


Print and Electronic Journals in Philosophy
This page from the Episteme Links website includes links to hundreds of print and electronic journals. They are sorted both alphabetically and by topic area.


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